Erimus Fitness | Ladies & Lifting: 5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights
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Ladies & Lifting: 5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Weight lifting can sound like an intimidating term for someone that hasn’t been involved in a training environment before, male or female. Any woman that does train and uses weights will understand the many benefits gained and these benefits can change with age.

It’s getting more popular amongst women, as the education surrounding lifting has improved and social media displays visual evidence that you won’t look like a body builder by training with weights. Building physical strength is hugely empowering for both mind and body.

1 – Losing fat

Lifting weights during a workout increases the amount of calories you burn. If you burn more calories than you consume in a day, consistently over a period of time, you will lose weight! More specifically, you will lose fat mass and gain lean muscle mass. This is good news.

2 – Bone density

It is a fact that women’s bone density decreases with age and this can lead to osteoporosis. When bones are put under stress over a period of time, they get stronger. It is therefore extremely important for women to partake in weight-bearing exercise throughout their lives and adding weights into the equation will add extra loading forces, resulting in greater results.

3 – Strength and confidence

There’s many proven benefits that come with getting involved in regular physical activity and exercise. People are known to get addicted to the endorphins that come with aerobic exercise. It’s more recently being documented that weight training for women can bring significant increases in self-confidence and self-esteem. Feeling strong can lead to feeling empowered in all areas of life.

4 – Time efficient training

In a society where everyone is so very busy all the time, getting fast results from shorter, more intense training sessions is very desirable. Weight-based workouts can speed up results, as opposed to longer sessions that are purely cardio based. It’s therefore both more efficient and more effective to train with weights.

5 – Aesthetics

Previously the desired look for women was slim, this went to the extreme and with many companies using size 0 models, slim became skinny. There’s been a huge change in the last couple of years, with the new desirable look being curvy and muscular – with a specific emphasis on certain body parts being well-trained (bum!).

This aesthetically pleasing look could not be achieved without training with weights. Ladies in lycra have never been so widely self-publicised and celebrated.


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Erimus Team